ចែករំលែក ៖​

According to the peace agreements signed in Paris on 23 October 1991, Cambodia is obliged to respect absolute neutrality in its foreign policy. The country undertook to forbid any foreign power from establishing military bases on its territory.

On the basis of reliable, tallying sources, the People’s Republic of China, with the agreement of the government in Phnom Penh, is in the process of building aerial and port infrastructure in the coastal province of Koh Kong in Cambodia which could be used for military ends. The infrastructure is similar to that built by China on the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, which are the subject of territorial dispute.

The openly pro-Chinese policy pursued by Cambodia’s government under Hun Sen and the facilities of all kinds which he has been granting to Beijing – in return for unprecedented financial assistance which has become vital for the survival of Cambodia’s economy – constitute a violation of the Kingdom's constitution and threaten the region’s equilibrium, and peace and security in all the countries of south-east Asia.

Hun Sen's Cambodia has become a lawless country with the constitution being seriously and continuously violated by the government following a fake national election in July 2018 and a violent political crackdown that has been internationally condemned.

In that context, simple denials issued by Hun Sen’s government about the construction of Chinese military bases in Cambodia will not suffice. The Cambodia Peace Agreements were signed under the aegis of the United Nations in 1991, and the UN should now initiate an international commission of enquiry into the possible presence of these Chinese military bases, even if they are, as yet, in the process of being built, on Cambodian soil. Such foreign military bases in a country that is supposed to be neutral would constitute a violation of an international treaty that is still is force, and would be a threat to world peace.

Sam Rainsy

Acting opposition leader, 
Cambodia National Rescue Party

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